Welcome to the Official Website of Rebel Heart Gaming!

Rebel Heart Gaming is a private gaming community established by a close group of gaming friends and family looking for a similar gaming experience across multiple platforms of game genres. Our goal at Rebel Heart Gaming is to bring fellow gamers together, in one globally massive community that promotes a fun and mature environment for all members.

On our website, you will find multiple subsections, including our forums, where members can come to chat and discuss gaming topics. In addition, you can see what other members are currently playing and what other gaming communities currently being sponsored by Rebel Heart Gaming. You will also find our livestreams sections which reflect currently active and previously recorded streams from Twitch or YouTube from current RHG members.

Because RHG is a private community, we generally don't allow people to join us directly until they have earned the trust and respect of the current members and staff of RHG. We however promote several different versatile gaming communities that allow our fellow gamers and fans to join up with and play with current members of Rebel Heart Gaming along with the respective members of the community that said person has joined. If you join one of these said communities with interest of becoming a member of Rebel Heart Gaming, while playing with our members your play-style, maturity, and behavior will be evaluated, along with the personal relationship you develop with our members. Becoming a member of Rebel Heart Gaming will not be an overnight process it will be long and drawn out to ensure you are the type of person that will fit within our community.

Please feel free to take a look around and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to an admin or visit our help pages in our forums section of our website. Happy gaming!

~RHG Staff